Reduction of mortality and acute severe malnutrition in children in northern Niger

Project start
Organisation: International Rescue Committee (IRC) Deutschland
Partner country: Niger
Partner organisation in partner country: IRC
Thanks to the support of the EKFS, mothers in Niger are trained to measure the circumference of their children's upper arms with the help of a colored gauge and thus to recognize malnutrition themselves at an early stage.

The project supports the outpatient and inpatient care of infants with severe acute malnutrition in 15 health centres and six health stations in the region of Tillaberi in northern Niger.

IRC supports health staff through training and provides medical equipment and relief supplies. Two mobile clinics provide patient care where lack of health centres, long transport routes or insufficient financial means of families make it difficult to provide timely treatment of severe cases.

IRC also trains mothers and young women in detecting child malnutrition by themselves and to seek treatment early on in order to prevent relapses and enable them to support the recovery of their children.

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