Healthcare for Change, Kenya

Organisation: Campus for Change e.V.
Partner country: Kenya
Partner organisation in partner country: CBO Makao
School children distributing nutritious meals


Korogocho is one of the poorest slums in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Up to 300000 people live in an area of one-and-a-half square kilometers without access to clean water, education or medical aid. Children mainly spend their time looking for valuable material in the country’s largest adjacent landfill, inhaling toxic chemicals, consuming dangerous food and developing unstable health conditions.


Establish better prerequisites for obtaining quality education through advancement of child development, nutrition and health.

  • KPCE results of partner schools
  • Number of treated children
  • Number of screened children


  1. Distribute nutritious meals rich in vitamins
  2. Provide health insurance through the National Hospital Insurance Fund
  3. Establish an infirmary with nurse and medical supplies
  4. Develop and implement a screening tool for sickness prevention and reduction of disease progression
  5. Support young female education and health by providing a safe environment as well as support for females and young mothers


  • Local acquisition of food, fruits and vegetables
  • Support the education of children and families in the local neighborhood
  • Empowerment of parents through independent structural and financial contributions to the NHIF insurances
  • Increasing baseline opportunities for social advancement
  • Enabling and educating on medical aid
  • Increasing employment opportunities


Special features:

Exceptional collaboration between project partners with medical, political and functional competencies with the goal of holistically strengthening childhood education by fighting poverty and instability in the region long-term.

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