Overcoming dysfunctional immune responses in chronic HPV/ HIV infection: a way to cure

Project start
Institution: Department of Infectious Diseases, Medizinische Klinik IV, LMU University Hospital
Applicants: PD Dr. Julia Roider
EKFS funding line: First and Second Applications

Chronic viral infections are characterized by dysfunctional immune responses and long-time persistence in infected tissue. This project focuses on overcoming the persistent immune impairment that is characteristic of chronic human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) infection by using natural human papilloma virus (HPV) persistence as a model for dysfunctional virus-specific T-cell immunity. Making use of our embedded set-up within clinical practice at the LMU Munich and we will conduct a translational research study to investigate immunological parameters in circulation and tissue that can be associated with HPV persistence and morbidity in HIV infected individuals. Understanding if and how HPV-immunity can be restored in the setting of chronic HIV infection will be informative for future HIV cure strategies that aim to enhance HIV-specific T-cell responses in the setting of ongoing ART treatment. The findings of proposed research will contribute to the field of HIV cure research which is imperative to end the global HIV epidemic.

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