Dissecting the human T cell receptor-epitope interaction landscape through artificial intelligence guided analysis of antigen-specific T cell responses after yellow fever vaccination

Project start
Institution: Mikrobiologisches Institut - Klinische Mikrobiologie, Immunologie und Hygiene, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen und Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg
Applicant: Dr. Kilian Schober
EKFS funding line: First and Second Applications
Image: Kilian Schober

T cells are immune cells that protect against infections or cancer, but can also cause chronic inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. T cells recognize their target via the T cell receptor (TCR). The human body harbors billions of different TCRs. Therefore, assigning the correct TCR and its target is an enormous challenge. In the proposed project, we will combine innovative experimental methods with machine learning in a clinical cohort of yellow fever vaccinees to predict which target a TCR will recognize. In the future, this may help to identify therapeutically attractive TCRs and their targets, and thus improve vaccination and the prevention and therapy of any disease in which T cells play a role.

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