Health Care System & Education

Support to Rehabilitation in Rwanda

Organisation: SwissLimbs Verein
Partner country: Rwanda
Partner organisation in partner country: RSPO – Rwanda Society of Prosthetists and Orthotists


In 2020, over one million people in Rwanda is physically disabled and therefore in need of rehabilitation and care. However, in the entire country there are only 12 orthopedic active workshops, which – in most cases – only use obsolete machinery and lack of basic materials for the manufacture of orthoses and prostheses.


Strengthening the Rwandan health system by providing specialized training and rehabilitation services throughout the country.

  1. The orthopedic center provides care to at least 400 patients per year.
  2. One training per year is organized and local orthopedic technicians are trained in new technologies.
  3. Orthotic and prosthetic fabrication materials are sent to serve at least 400 patients per year.
  • Ministry of Health reports
  • Patient database with indication of services and assistance received
  • Mission reports (hours of training, orthopedic technicians trained, and patients treated)

Through low-cost innovation, the project will be more economically sustainable. Through the training that SwissLimbs will provide during the three years of the project, moreover, this model could also be exported elsewhere in the country, creating a virtuous circle and accelerating the implementation of the health regulatory system not yet in force.
Through the introduction of low-cost technology, it will be possible to reduce investments and costs related to materials for the manufacture of orthoses and prostheses, thus decreasing the costs incurred by the Ministry of Health after the funded period by at least 30 percent.

Special features:

SwissLimbs proposes low-cost technological innovations, aiming to find a global solution to the problem of disability in developing countries. SwissLimbs is always looking for the most appropriate innovation for the needs of people with disabilities. Therefore, the orthopedic technicians trained by SwissLimbs will became aware of the most innovative low-cost technologies. SwissLimbs is also committed to always looking for more efficient and cost-effective solutions, thus bringing new examples during trainings.

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