Basic Health

Ukraine Relief Fund: MedAid

Organisation: Arbeitskreis Nord-Ost (AKNO)
Partner country: Bulgaria


Bulgaria has a high number of Ukrainian refugees from war-torn eastern Ukraine, who are unable to access reliable basic medical care locally due to an already intensely strained health system. State aid is regularly cut and resentment against refugees is growing.


Access to basic health care for refugees and strengthening the rights of refugees in Bulgaria.

  • Number of consultations
  • Mortality
  • Provision of mobile medical teams, which visit shelters at regular intervals.
  • Coverage of costs for medication and treatment
  • Referral to and payment for specialist consultations
  • Enforcing the rights of Ukrainian refugees as part of the United Nations Inter-Agency Work Group in Bulgaria

As part of the United Nations Inter-Agency Work Group and a founding member of MHPSS in Bulgaria under the leadership of WHO, we are actively shaping health policy in the country to improve conditions for the population and refugees.

Special features:

The project largely replaces the primary medical care for Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria, which would otherwise not be guaranteed, and ensures that the war-torn and mostly destitute refugees have access to medical care and medication.

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