MAMA: Improving Maternal and Neonatal Health

Project start
Organisation: SolidarMed
Partner country: Mozambique
Partner organisation in partner country: Provincial and district Health Authorities
A mother and her new-born in Ncumpe health centre (Namuno district)

In northern Mozambique, pregnancy and childbirth are a serious health risk. The health system remains too weak to ensure adequate care for pregnant women, mothers and newborn babies.   

In partnership with local authorities, SolidarMed improves the quality of care for mothers and newborns in three remote districts (Ancuabe, Chiúre and Namuno) through further training of health staff in obstetrics, sterilisation of instruments and enhanced access to family planning. To encourage women to give birth at a health facility where they are assisted by skilled birth attendants, a baby package is provided together with essential post-natal care.

An estimated 36,750 pregnant women and their newborns, as well as medical staff benefit each year from these improved quality services. 

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