Continuation of Basic Medical Care and Maternal Health in Afar Region, Ethiopia

Project start
Organisation: SONNE-International
Partner country: Ethiopia
Partner organisation in partner country: Afar Pastoralist Development Association – APDA


Afar region has the lowest parameters in terms of education and health care nationwide, and maternal and infant mortality among the nomadic people is far above average. The follow-up project "Continuation of Basic Health Care and Maternal Health in the Afar Region" will improve these grievances through mobile health officers and birth attendants.


Progressively improving primary health care (with a focus on maternal and infant health) in 35 particularly disadvantaged districts in the Afar region.

  • 35 mobile health workers and 100 birth attendants were continuously on duty
  • 3500 home births (out of an estimated 5000) were assisted by our staff, problem cases were referred to a clinic
  • More than 100,000 people had improved access to basic medical care



  • Training and employment of 35 health workers and 100 TBAs (traditional birth attendants).
  • Organization of regular prenatal and postnatal check-ups

  • Awareness-raising measures (awareness campaigns, hygiene, family planning)




In close cooperation with the government authorities and through careful monitoring of all measures, the general health of the population will improve significantly and, in particular, maternal and infant mortality will drop markedly. The establishment and long-term operation of an efficient health care system will definitely have long-term positive effects on the general development of the people in the project area.

Special features:

As many of the people in the Afar region still follow a nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyle, our medical response teams are also mobile - our health workers and TBAs (traditional birth attendants) help on the ground, i.e. they go where their help is needed.

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