Mother and Child Health

Basic Medical Care and Improvement of maternal Health in Eli Da’ar (Afar Region, Ethiopia)

Organisation: SONNE-International
Partner country: Ethiopia
Partner organisation in partner country: Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA)


The health situation of the Afar nomads is catastrophic. Since the end of the war in Tigray (2022), the Afar in Eli Da'ar have been left alone. National and international humanitarian aid deliveries have been stopped, the health system has collapsed, and 75% of all children in Eli Da'ar are chronically malnourished. Cholera and measles outbreaks occur annually and locust swarms destroy important grazing land. 



Through this project, pregnant women and young mothers receive medical assistance and emergency care through the provision of an ambulance.


Improved access to governmental and non-governmental health facilities through outpatient services. 


In 18 districts, 40 mobile health officers and 100 obstetricians have been installed to maintain close contact with pregnant women and new mothers and to provide medical care if necessary.


The project is to be seen as a link between the population and the state health system. The NGO's health officers take care of the very remote people living in their settlement areas, and if possible, sick new mothers and high-risk pregnancies are transferred to the state-run health posts and clinics with the community's ambulance and receive medical care there. Through close cooperation with the local health authorities, health data is exchanged and the problem of medical shortages in the region is jointly counteracted. 

Special features:

Due to the special interdependence of the project with the local authorities, the local Afar population will receive comprehensive health care.

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