Mother-Child Health-Care Project (MCHCP) in Sonargaon, Bangladesh

Project start
Organisation: Lichtbrücke e.V.
Partnerland: Bangladesch
Partnerorganisation vor Ort: BACE (Bangladesh Association for Community Education)
Image medical examination

Setting up a Mother-and-Child Clinic in a strongly under-served region;
Access to low cost / free of charge basic health care for poorest parts of the population;
Capacities sufficient to serve up to 25.000 patients / year;
24/7 service, i.e. the clinic is open 24 hours per days and 7 day per week;
Procurement, installation, maintenance of medical equipment;
Setting up an operation theatre for basic surgical interventions;
Regular training for different work areas / staff groups;
Outreach through traditional birth attendants who receive continuous training;
Pre-phase: renovation and extension of clinic building funded by local welfare trust;
Shared with the neighbouring eye clinic (operating since 2000/2013).

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