Else Kröner Symposiums

EKFS utilizes this funding to support events concerning scientific exchange between research professionals, the career perspectives for Clinician Scientists, and the establishing of networks.

There are many projects in which EKFS promotes and advances clinically oriented research in Germany. Alongside financial funding, however, the interaction of actors and programs is equally an important component in bringing research closely related to the patient forward. Scientific discourse, exchanging experiences on structural and organizational levels, not to mention building up networks and exchanging career perspectives for researchers, are all key and enlivening elements for the development of researching medical practitioners in Germany.

EKFS wants to support this exchange in a targeted manner and funds Else Kröner Symposiums at events held by graduate research programs or programs especially for Clinician Scientists or Medical Scientists. Scientific events for Clinician Scientists and Medical Scientists can be funded at all university locations. The program planning, organization and implementation of the symposiums lies in the hands of the universities thereby; EKFS supports financially.

Proposals for funding symposiums of this nature can be submitted at any time. Events of various sizes and involving different thematic focuses are funded. In the event of interest and further questions about the Else Kröner Symposiums, you are welcome to contact Dr. Alexander Lehmann: a.lehmann@ekfs.de

Portrait Dr. Alexander Lehmann
Dr. Alexander Lehmann
Scientific Funding: Graduate and Research Schools and International Research Prize

Else Kröner Symposiums funded until now:

  • March 15/16 in Hanover:
    Digital Oncology Conference 2023
    Event organizer: Comprehensive Cancer Center Niedersachsen

  • May 15/16 in Dresden:
    Networking Retreat by the Dresden School of Clinical Sciences
    Dresden School of Clinical Sciences
  • June 29/30 in Würzburg:
    Translational Immunology - From Target to Therapy VIII
    TWINSIGHT Graduate Research Program and Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) Würzburg
  • November 15/16 in Hamburg:
    Latest Trends in Infection and Immunity
    Hamburg School of Infection and Immunity (HSII)
  • November 21 to 22 in Heidelberg:
    Translational Neurooncology
    Heidelberger Forschungskolleg für Neuroonkologie
  • November 22 to 24 in Hanover:
    4th Interdisciplinary Network Symposium for and by Clinician Scientists
    Dean’s Office for Academic Career Development and Clinician Scientist Program at the MHH University Hospital Hannover
  • May 13/14 in Regensburg:   
    Shaping the Future: From Pathomechanisms to New Therapeutic Approaches
    Else Kröner Graduate Research Program and Medical Faculty, University of Regensburg
  • July 14/15 July in Würzburg:
    Translational Immunology – From Target to Therapy VII
    TWINSIGHT Graduate Research Program and Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) Würzburg

  • September 29 to October 1 in Münster:   
    3rd Interdisciplinary Networking Symposium for Clinician Scientists und Medical Scientists
    Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research (IZKF), University of Münster

  • October 22 in Göttingen:   
    Young Interdisciplinary Oncology
    Young Oncologists United