The soluble HLA immunopeptidome as active modulator and biomarker for T cell immunity in malignant disease

Institution: Department of Peptide-based Immunotherapy, University and University Hospital Tübingen
Applicant: Prof. Dr. Juliane Walz
Funding line:
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The immune system, and in particular T cells, fight cancer by recognizing certain peptides presented by so-called human leukocyte antigens (HLA) on tumour cells. This is the basis for advances in cancer immunotherapy. Research has so far focused on HLA molecules and their peptides on the cell surface, whereases soluble HLA molecules (sHLA) in body fluids have received less attention. However, these sHLA molecules also carry peptides and could thus play a crucial role in the immune response to cancer. To test this, we will carry out a comprehensive analysis of soluble HLA peptides and the associated T-cell responses in healthy donors and cancer patients. The knowledge gained should improve future diagnosis, prediction of disease outcome and the development of novel immunotherapies against cancer.

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