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Preclinical testing of antimicrobial and tissue regenerating collagen laminates for Regenerative Medicine

Institution: Zentrum für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie, Universität Mainz, Staatliche Studienakademie Glauchau
Applicants: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ritz und Prof. Dr. Daniela Nickel
Funding line:
Translational Research

Project description: 

The aim of this project is to develop a customised product with both regeneration-promoting and antibacterial active ingredients. The patient-specific laminates, which can be customised directly during surgery, consist of a carrier material in the form of a collagen-based membrane with incorporated active ingredients. This material is biocompatible as well as biodegradable. Individual membranes are stabilised and cross-linked by simple and cost-effective photochemical cross-linking. Loading with suitable molecules creates a bioactive wound dressing that can be customised and induces both an antimicrobial effect and promotes tissue regeneration.
One example of the application of this new laminate wound dressing is represented by open tibia fractures. Such injuries often occur after road traffic or sports accidents and are among the most common fractures of the lower extremities. The tibia fracture is usually associated with severe soft tissue damage and, consequently, susceptible to infection. Our laminate with an antimicrobial coating could reduce the risk of infection and also promote both the formation of new blood vessels and bone healing by adding regeneration-promoting biomolecules to the interior of the structure. Other possible applications include dental medicine and dermatology, particularly burns or other skin damages.

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