Mother and Child Health
Burkina Faso

Optimisation of a maternity course through conversion and training in Leo, Burkina Faso

Organisation: Operieren in Afrika e.V.
Partner country: Burkina Faso
Partner organisation in partner country: Association Teel Taaba
Image Aid mission October 2019

Operating in Africa has been active in Burkina Faso since 2001, originally sending teams of European surgeons to local hospitals for short-term assignments and training campaigns. In 2014, the organization built a surgical clinic, currently staffed by 29 local employees, which provides basic care for the local population and at the same time serves as a platform for short assignments of surgical teams of various surgical disciplines. Approximately 10 such aid missions take place every year. In 2017 the clinic was extended to include a maternity clinic capable of providing C-sections and other emergency obstetric functions. The aim of the project is to raise the level of care that the clinic and its staff can provide and to further reduce infant and maternal mortality through targeted improvements to the clinic’s infrastructure and training campaigns carried out by European obstetricians. Surrounding health stations will also benefit from continued obstetrical training.