February 2024: $$ Multiomic spatial landscape of innate immune cells at human central nervous system borders

Paper: Nature Medicine
Authr: Dr. Roman Sankowski
Institution: Institut für Neuropathologie, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

Project description:

The brain is protected from external influences by anatomical structures such as the perivascular space, the choroid plexus, and the meninges. Specialized immune cells like macrophages and T-lymphocytes surveil these border regions. In our study, we investigated these immune cells during brain development, under normal conditions, and in tumor diseases. Using highly sensitive molecular methods, we obtained detailed data on the immune cell states. We found clear differences in the function and developmental dynamics of macrophages in the border regions compared to brain tissue. Some immune cells are replenished from the bloodstream, which is particularly important in glioblastomas. These findings provide new insights into the composition and dynamics of immune cells at brain border regions and could facilitate the development of therapies to activate the immune response against glioblastomas.


Roman Sankowski, Patrick Süß, Alexander Benkendorff, Chotima Böttcher, Camila Fernandez-Zapata, Chintan Chhatbar, Jonathan Cahueau, Gianni Monaco, Adrià Dalmau Gasull, Ashkan Khavaran, Jürgen Grauvogel, Christian Scheiwe, Mukesch Johannes Shah, Dieter Henrik Heiland, Oliver Schnell, Filiz Markfeld-Erol, Mirjam Kunze, Robert Zeiser, Josef Priller & Marco Prinz. Multiomic spatial landscape of innate immune cells at human central nervous system borders. Nature Medicine 2024. 

Paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-023-02673-1

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