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Paper of the Month

Paper of the Month

Publications that have emerged from foundation funding

Exzellenz-Stipendien: Funding for Accredited Clinician Scientists

Else Kröner Excellence Fellowships

Funding for nine physicians active in research and clinical work

Image: Else Kröner Medical Scientist Kollegs

Awarding of Else Kröner Schools for Medical Scientists

This funding line at EKFS in existence since 2021 aims at strengthening interdisciplinary and interprofessional cooperation in health-related research.


Checking back: What is Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ekin Demir from the first funding round of the Clinician Scientist Professorships doing these days?

In our portrait today we are introducing you to Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ekin Demir, Ph.D. from the TUM Technical University of Munich.


Falling Walls Science Summit 2022

Beim diesjährigen Falling Walls Science Summit in Berlin unterstützte die EKFS gleich zwei interessante Programmpunkte der dreitägigen Veranstaltung.


ZEIT FORUM Gesundheit

Künstliche Intelligenz in der Medizin


Richtfest für „Haus im Wald“ in Schmitten

EKFS feiert wichtigen Baufortschritt