Basic medical care & improvement of maternal health in the Afar Region

Project start
Organisation: SONNE-International
Partner country: Äthiopien
Partner organisation in partner country: Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA)
Basic medical care in the Afar Region

In Ethiopia’s desertic north the nomadic Afar people lead an extremely precarious existence. Because of global climate changes the rainfalls have been grossly insufficient for years. Consequently livestock have perished and the people are famished. Chronic undernutrition of children has reached the 50% mark, public social infrastructure is non-existent. Since 2012, area-wide basic medical care for approximately 130,000 people in the two project areas has been provided solely through the deployment of 40 nomadic SONNE health workers. Our ambulance car is in continuous use in the Afar desert in order to provide emergency medical care and to transport high-risk pregnancies to the state-run health clinics. 

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