Currently funded projects

Image: refugee children

Maternal and child health care for displaced persons on the Thai-Myanmar border

Organisation: Malteser International
Partner country: Thailand

Image: tutors

Ensuring Mother and Child Health Care in Rural Areas of Sierra Leone through the Training of Midwives in the Southern Province

Organisation: German Medical Aid Organization „action medeor“ e.V.
Partner country: Sierra Leone
Partner organisation in partner country: Caritas Bo

Image Aid mission October 2019

Optimisation of a maternity course through conversion and training in Leo, Burkina Faso

Organisation: Operieren in Afrika e.V.
Partner country: Burkina Faso
Partner organisation in partner country: Association Teel Taaba

Image medical examination

Mother-Child Health-Care Project (MCHCP) in Sonargaon, Bangladesh

Organisation: Lichtbrücke e.V.
Partnerland: Bangladesch
Partnerorganisation vor Ort: BACE (Bangladesh Association for Community Education)

Image: Team

Sustainable support for the community hospital in St Louis du Nord

Organisation: HADPRE (Hummingbird Academy for Disaster Preparedness & Renewable Energies)
Partner country: Haiti
Partner organisation in partner country: L’Hôpital Communautaire St Louis du Nord / Gemeindespital St Louis du Nord

Image: Oral vaccination

Skills and Innovation for Maternal-Child Health

Organisation: Hilfswerk International
Partner country: Mozambique
Partner organisation in partner country: Hilfswerk Mozambique

Thanks to the support of the EKFS, mothers in Niger are trained to measure the circumference of their children's upper arms with the help of a colored gauge and thus to recognize malnutrition themselves at an early stage.

Reduction of mortality and acute severe malnutrition in children in northern Niger

Organisation: International Rescue Committee (IRC) Deutschland
Partner country: Niger
Partner organisation in partner country: IRC

Image: Mutter with child

Ghana: Improving survival chances for mothers and children - securing livelihoods

Organisation: Das Hunger Projekt e.V. (The Hunger Project Germany)
Partner country: Ghana
Partner organisation in partner country: The Hunger Project Ghana

Training in the village of Huay San as to self-reliant prevention of infections: here the efficient hand washing

Stateless/Ethnic Minority Health and Integration Project (SHIP)

Organisation: Stiftung Kinderzukunft
Partner country: Thailand
Partner organisation in partner country: ADRA Thailand

Image: A health worker examines a girl.

Strengthening Health Systems for Sustainable Provision of Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) of Childhood Illnesses in Somaliland

Organisation: Save the Children Deutschland e.V.
Partner country: Somalia
Partner organisation in partner country: Save the Children Somalia/ Somaliland